You’ve probably seen some of the trending content that went viral

in 2016

that many referred to as the

Transcendence Media is taking this technique a few steps further by making the Mannequin Challenge a

much more Immersive and Navigable experience. 

take a walk-through below...


  Click Play... Navigate by arrow keys, mouse or touch.   |  Toggle Music on/off by clicking music symbol on bottom-left.        

3D spatial capture & immersive showcasing
allows viewers to not only see a really cool Time Freeze, but actually walk through the scene for an immersive experience that features models, products, music, hash-cards, and much more.
interactions occur via media-tags that offer:

Click on items listed in the Tags tab on the top-left menu.

awesome, right!?

Whether you're showcasing a

fashion collection | branded apparel | models  

or perhaps an up-&-coming band of artists... can now be virtualized into an immersive 3D experience.

Plus, shooting a 3D Time Freeze™ is similar to any staged photo shoot, and the completed showcases are self-hosted, shareable, and mobile friendly!

so... what about marketing?

Glad you asked!

To ensure the best ROI possible, we provide marketing support for a number of 360-enabled social sharing platforms, like:

Facebook | Google | Flickr

Facebook 360

That 360 symbol gives viewers a reason to stop scrolling and check out your scene... Whether on Facebook or Messenger!

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