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3D Time-Freeze™


an immersive format to showcase...

fashion brands

music bands

sports teams

movie casts

startup stars

dance troupes

and more...

*NOTICE: This presentation deck is intended only for

recipients who received prior notice from Transcendence Media staff. 

As a viewing recipient, we appreciate your maintaining this presentation confidential, and ask that it not, in whole or part, be shared, copied, or distributed without prior approval.

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You’ve probably seen some of the trending content that went viral

in 2016

that many referred to as the

Mannequin               Challenge...


Transcendence Media is taking this technique a few steps further by making the Mannequin Challenge a

much more Immersive and Navigable experience. 

Take a walk-through below...


  Click Play... Navigate by arrow keys, mouse or touch.   |  Toggle Music on/off by clicking music symbol on bottom-left.        

3D Spatial Capture & Immersive Showcasing
allows viewers to not only see a really cool Time Freeze, but actually walk through the scene for an immersive experience that can features models, products, music, hash-cards, and more.

Text Descriptions

Text Descriptions

Add Titles & Descriptions to your media

HD Photos

HD Photos

Add photos including jpg, png, and gif.

Video Clips

Video Clips

Feature videos from your library, shared links, or have our team produce video content for you.

Live Stream

Live Stream

Add your live stream from Youtube or have our team film & stream your content.

Voice Over

Voice Over

Include a voice message related to the tagged area



Add a Point-of-Purchase link within the Media Tag box.

User Forms

User Forms

Add forms for sign-ups, comments, or surveys

check the interactive media tags in the sample below. . .
Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 8.15.12 PM.png

Click on items listed in the Tags tab on the top-left menu.

awesome, right!?

It is, whether you're promoting for a

fashion collection, film or TV series, sports team, music band, or any group/individual that can use a fun, memorable way to engage fans and the general public. 

Shooting a 3D Time Freeze™ is similar to any staged photo shoot. The completed showcases are self-hosted, shareable, and mobile friendly!

so... what about marketing?

Glad you asked!

To ensure the best ROI possible, we provide marketing support for a number of 360-enabled social sharing platforms, like:

Facebook | Google | Flickr

Compared to flat 2D photo posts, 3D content drives:
  • 1.5X the Reach
  • 3.6X the Engagement,
  • 9X the Click-Through-Rate
let's look at an example...
blank screen phone.jpg
Facebook 360

That 360 symbol gives viewers a reason to stop scrolling and check out your scene... Whether on Facebook or Messenger!

ready to get things started?
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a free production

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All Rights Reserved

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