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Transcendence Media ("TM") is an interactive media production company based in NYC that virtualizes residential, commercial, and hospitality venues into the most immersive 3D Walk-Throughs on the web, offering viewers a more interactive visual of the space to navigate, explore, book, or make purchases. 

Image by JoelValve


Our aim has always been to make whatever it is you do look great ON Screen. Whether it's a destination space, social event, a creative talent, or remarkable brand... we're focused on maximizing it's full allure on the digital screen.


Team TM

As founder/CEO of Transcendence Media, Shakoure Char is an interactive media designer, creative writer, and youth mentor. Partners include Jayson Jimenez (veteran videographer and owner of Artisan NY Productions) and Leo Jimenez, creative artist and style photographer.


Transcendence Media LLC

34-01 38th Avenue

4th FL/Studio 10

Long Island City, NY  11101


​​Tel: 516-362-0890


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