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Join date: Jun 5, 2021


Hi. I'm Shakoure Char, the unliekly founder and CEO of Showcases|3D. I began working as a 3D capture professional at my previous company, Transcendence Media in late 2015. As a Google Trusted Photographer and then a Matterport Service Provider, I loved doing media work that was futuristic, and in those early years, the technology was somewhat unkown. But I hope with this new platform, you'll become more familiar with. thefuture of exploring spaces virtually.

To book me for a 3D capture of your vacation rental or destination space, use the form below. Copy & paste my email in the 3D Capture request form (see right side column). While I still do occasional 3D capture work for select spaces, I do recommend that you look at some other pros on this platform as well who can provide great 3D coverage of your space.

Thanks for making us your go-to place on the web for immersive 3D walk-throughs of vacation spaces!


Take a peak at some of my 3D Showcases:




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