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Socialeap™ Terms of Service

Please note the following policy terms for booking any of our paid creative, production, or consultation sessions.

  • Refunds are unavailable for no-shows except when specifically requested with a $35 no-show fee.

  • Cancellation requests occurring LESS than 24 hours to the scheduled start of a session are not refundable except in cases of emergency and the levy of $1 5 cancellation fee.

  • If a session ends before the allotted time by no fault of the client, the remaining/unused time can be scheduled to resume at some other time booked by the client. In this scenario, we are unlikely to issue refunds except where the session lasted 10 minutes or less.

  • If a session ends before the allotted time by voluntary option of the client, no refund is available except where the session lasted 5 minutes or less.

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