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Extend/Manage Hosting for one or more of your 3D Showcases.


Add your Showcases to the Right Plan

For showcases generated under a Basic or Premium package, your subscription price is just $4.99/monthly. If it was a Platinum package, select subscribe under $7.99. Once prompted, enter the quantity of respective showcases you'd like to add. For each 3D showcase you add, provide the showcase ID (11-digit model ID), and separate each ID with a comma (e.g. oUaScehJHqp, kuUbdhsLqw, siwNGwoQm).

Find Your Showcase ID

You can find showcase ID's in your TM Instant app or in the Finalized Assets sheets (pg. 3). If for some reason you are unable to find your IDs, you may then use the Title of your showcase and we'll search for it manually.

Manage or Cancel Hosting Subscriptions

To access your subscription and payment history, add showcase hosting , or cancel a subscription, click the Manage below. Your email and authorization credentials will be required.

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