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From Incarceration...

...To Incorporation

"With $6,000 in capital support, I can turn my startup from an
on-&-off part-time gig to a growing, solid company."
Invest in a Post-Incarceration Success Story​!
Hi... I'm Shakoure Char and I'm inviting my network of friends, associates, family, and anyone else to make an Early Investment or Donor Contribution into an awesome opportunity.  As someone who, during my time behind the wall aspired to be a successful entrepreneur - and now having the chance to do just that with the launch of my startup, Transcendence Media 
I can't let this long-awaited opportunity pass due to having a criminal justice past.  
Wouldn't you agree?

Get a visual sense of what your support enables us to do

Hence, I'm asking for your support, either as a Donation OR a Charitable Investment that holds a 3-Year redeemable value.  While any donation will be greatly appreciated with a personal Thank You message, I am offering Redeemable Vouchers  for the production of amazing 360 Virtual Tours of any NYC venue or real estate property of your choosing:


12 Vouchers


More Examples of what We can Produce for Your Investment...