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Q: "What's the difference between a Charitable Donation and
a Charitable Investment?"
A: For our purpose, a Charitable Investment (unlike a Donation) means that once we reach our funding goal and receive the 3D/360 camera, the person holding a Voucher certificate can redeem it for a no-cost VR Production as noted.
Using a Voucher can save you nearly 50% off our
regular rates! What a great gift!
Q: "How do I claim my Investment Voucher?"
A: Simple. Each person who contributes $199 or more will receive an email inquiry to confirm whether their contribution is a Charitable Donation or Investment.  
Q: "Can I Invest in Multiple Vouchers?"
Sure. Each $199 within the total amount of a contribution can go toward an Investment Voucher... 
Q: "When and how will I receive my Voucher?"
A: Vouchers will be issued within 30 days of reaching our funding goal and receiving the 3D camera.  Vouchers will look like a gift-certificate
 in PDF format  and sent via email.
Q: "...But what if I'm unable to support with a financial contribution?"
A: You can still help this awesome endeavor reach its goal! Simply click our
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