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When your event goes live...
your reach should be livelier. 


is live media-coverage that elevates brand engagement beyond the event space.
It's what happens when attendees and others can access digitally captured highlights & moments they can:
share... comment... and download...
from interactive, custom, sponsored Media-Walls. 

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Sponsor Media Coverage for Events

For Talent seeking

sponsored media coverage to drive higher social engagement and added income, our team can help you with all the various components to make that happen.


by the way...

Here's How it Works!
Click above to view and interact with a sample Play Page & Media Wall.

Before your event, we design your interactive Play-Page & Media Wall with you and your sponsor's branding, links, and images. 

Play-Page & Wall Design

Have your own video/photographer link with us to upload event coverage to your Media-Wall... or, book one of our media pros to provide event coverage. Either way, attendees will love participating in and sharing the coverage with their friends and social networks. 

Patrons love the free portraits they get at your event or exhibit.

Event Portraits
Event Media

As your event goes live, your Media-Wall will fill with uploads of HD photos and micro-videos of your performance, attendees, group shots, head shots, exhibits pics... all of which your viewers can access (via printed QR Cards or SMS) to share, comment on, and download in near real-time.

HD photos/mini-videos are uploaded to your Media-Wall for real-time access.


Attendees will love liking and sharing their portraits and other interesting moments at your event with their social networks. They'll also love the interactive content we include, like: Guest Profiles, their social feeds, Trivia, Contests, Event Maps, and more!

Engagement on your Play-Page & Media-Wall helps to expand brand reach beyond 

the event space & time.

Social Engagement
Social Engagement

Active Media-Walls are a great place for brands to elevate their exposure and drive organic social growth. With Socialeap, attracting companies and brands to sponsor your events becomes that much easier. 

for Sponsors

Socialeap gives you the option to add your sponsor's brand to your Media-Wall for added exposure and potential viewer engagement.


Beyond brand-buzz, engagement on your Media-Wall can also facilitate more social follows, sign-ups, inquiries, and even click-to-buy options for your own brand or your sponsor's

Include product photos

captioned with Buy-Here links that open to point-of-sale pages.

Branded Offers
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