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Desigs & Features

Designs & Features

Check out some of our Starter Templates

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AI Power

Unlock the Power of AI

- Elevate Engagement with Custom GPTs -

In addition to interactive designs, we'll create and integrate

a Custom GPT into the design content that can chat

with your audience using your data & documentation.

Try ours below...

Try our Demo

Try a Demo

Efficient, Beautiful, Interactive Engagement - That's it.


Streamlined Design Process

At Socialeap, we've made Starting & Completing a

design project remarkably efficient:

Pt. 1 - Starting
Pt. 2 Completing
  • Intuitive Intake Form: Kick things off by filling out our user-friendly intake form regarding the style, purpose, and format of your design, and upload the  different media and copy that you have in mind.

  • Template Gallery: Browse through a variety of sample templates that provides an approximate starting point for your design project.

  • Features Customization: Tailor the interactive experience by selecting input widgets like multiple or single choice windows, short entry fields, open text fields, and choose your format: quiz, storyline, or training.

  • Assigned Designer: An expert designer is hand-picked for your project based on your profile and preferences.

  • Live Progress Tracking: Get real-time visibility and functional access to your design as it unfolds. Invite with your team for further feedback.

  • Visual Collaboration: Leave comments, ask questions, and make suggestions directly within the portal for seamless communication between you, your designer and your team.

  • Media Integration: Easily upload images, videos, logos, sound, and other assets to be seamlessly incorporated into your design.



30% Deposit
30% Deposit
Abstract D
This is usually set as 30% of the purchase cost for a Starting Template ($110 to $280). It is paid upon submitting a project request. Payment will not be processed, however, until a designer is securely assigned to the project (usually the next day).
Start an Amazing Interactive Design
Abstract B
Design Balance
Design Balance
Abstract B
In addition to the price for a Starting Template, the cost for design labor and elements will be added to the balance. This work is generally based on the customization and placement of various graphic, media, and interactive elements, as well as any additional pages, widgets and functionalities.
Submit Project Balance for Design
Hosting Fee
Hosting Fee
Abstract H
Our hosting fee is flexible, affordable, and ensures that your design content remains active on the web for the duration of your choosing. Pricing starts at $18 for one month and cheaper with each additional month (paid upfront for up to 12 months at a time).
Choose Duration of Open Web Access



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