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  • Next Level Showcasing | 3D Time Freeze

    ​ . . .want more? do more. 3D Time-Freeze™ with an immersive format to showcase... fashion brands music bands sports teams movie casts startup stars dance troupes and more... ​ *NOTICE : This presentation deck is intended only for recipients who received prior notice from Transcendence Media staff. As a viewing recipient, we appreciate your maintaining this presentation confidential, and ask that it not, in whole or part, be shared, copied, or distributed without prior approval. © 2017/2019 All Rights Reserved ​ BEST VIEWED ON DESK/LAPTOP You’ve probably seen some of the trending content that went viral in 2016 ​ that many referred to as the Mannequin Challenge... Transcendence Media is taking this technique a few steps further by making the Mannequin Challenge a much more Immersive and Navigable experience. ​ Take a walk-through below... ​ Click Play... Navigate by arrow keys, mouse or touch. | Toggle Music on/off by clicking music symbol on bottom-left. 3D Spatial Capture & Immersive Showcasing allows viewers to not only see a really cool Time Freeze , but actually walk through the scene for an immersive experience that can features models, products, music, hash-cards, and more. Text Descriptions Add Titles & Descriptions to your media HD Photos Add photos including jpg, png, and gif. Video Clips Feature videos from your library, shared links, or have our team produce video content for you. Live Stream Add your live stream from Youtube or have our team film & stream your content. Voice Over Include a voice message related to the tagged area Click-to-Buy Add a Point-of-Purchase link within the Media Tag box. User Forms Add forms for sign-ups, comments, or surveys check the interactive media tags in the sample below. . . Click on items listed in the Tags tab on the top-left menu. awesome, right!? ​ It is, whether you're promoting for a fashion collection, film or TV series, sports team, music band, or any group/individual that can use a fun, memorable way to engage fans and the general public. ​ Shooting a 3D Time Freeze™ is similar to any staged photo shoot. The completed showcases are self-hosted, shareable , and mobile friendly! so... what about marketing? ​ Glad you asked! ​ To ensure the best ROI possible, we provide marketing support for a number of 360-enabled social sharing platforms, like: ​ Facebook | Google | Flickr ​ ​ Compared to flat 2D photo posts, 3D content drives: 1.5X the Reach 3.6X the Engagement, 9X the Click-Through-Rate let's look at an example... Facebook 360 That 360 symbol gives viewers a reason to stop scrolling and check out your scene... Whether on Facebook or Messenger! 1 ready to get things started? ​ ...sign up for a free production assessment Here! 31-08 38th Ave 4th Floor, Studio 10 Long Island City, NY 11101 516-362-0890 Find us on Instagram FAQ | Consultation | 3D Virtual Tours | Photography | Music | Videography Copyright 2019 Transcendence Media LLC All Rights Reserved

  • Next-Level Hospitality Marketing | Hotels & Resorts

    Learn Why Pricing About Immersive Marketing is NOW immerse immerse virtualize virtualize capture capture convert convert With Perla Immersive Showcases, trip planners can transport themselves into more than just a virtual tour... With your 3D Walk-Through housed within a custom Dynamic Play Page, viewers can access all the info they need about your hotel or resort at the touch of their fingertips. Click music symbol to toggle music on or off. Your viewers will love exploring all the spaces & amenities your resort offers, right from the comfort of their office or kitchen, like this beautiful hotel... Click play button. To navigate the space, use your arrow keys, mouse, or touch to move to toward the desired direction. Click near bottom-left for Floor Plan or Doll House view, then tap any specific area in either view to move inside and explore. Music can also be toggled on or off on bottom-left. Here's How With a variety of immersive media, your customers can experience enough detail to confidently book the room, suite or event space that'll accommodate their needs. Add addtiional links here.

  • Matterport | New York 3D | Transcendence Media

    Got Space? Get Virtual. Interactive. Immersive. Integrated. ␥ Now here's what that means for your business. . . Access one of the most researched Slidebooks revealing 2021's Most Effective Marketing Tool in Real Estate! Get it Free! More. . . More. . . More. . . Exposure | Leads | Bookings ​ Less. . . Less. . . Less. . . Time | Cost | Work Whether residential, retail, commercial, or cultural, a virtualized space reaches more of the right consumer. As Google Trusted professionals, we can integrate your space into the world's largest geo-based search engine. Hence... not only can viewers navigate your space from almost anywhere in the world, they're more likely to discover it right from Google Maps and Search Results. And, w hen it comes to showcasing your space, TM offers an All-in-One solution that includes the world's leading immersive 3D platform along with a variety of web & media assets>> ​ ​ Spatial Measuring Tool | Schematic Floor Plans | Embedded Forms | Clickable Pop-Ups | Click-to-Buy | Color Floor Plans | Ambient Music | 360 Panoramas | Video Fly-Throughs | HDR Photos | & More! See How... More of our 3D Samples 3D Gallery Gallery ...Expensive? Not at all! ​ See our Pricing Page HERE Ready to get things virtual? Schedule a Brief Q&A Book a Session Sign Up for Easy Ordering & Management Create a Free Account Message Us! FB Live Chat Showcases|3D Capture Pros TM Holdings 3D Virtual Tours About Covid-19 Solutions Pricing 3D Gallery TM-Videography TM-Photography Portfolio More © 2021 Transcendence Media | All Rights Reserved 31-08 38th Ave 4th Floor, Studio 10 Long Island City, NY 11101 516-362-0890 Find us on Facebook

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    Give us a sense of what your showcasing needs are... and we'll get back with some great recommendations!

  • Showcases|3D Capture Pros | Transcendence Media

    Showcases| 3D Capture Pros ...Where every quest for finding the right space is Immersive, and where every 3D Capture Pro can grow their business. _______ ​ Create/Share rich and dynamic profile as a Verified 3D Capture Pro. Create/Share dynamic posts to promote your service and highlight your work. Manage bookings with our comprehensive, shareable 3D Tour Request Forms. Access 3D capture, virtualization, and showcasing news, tips, and updates. Plus, as our community of property hosts grow, get increased exposure to leads for your business. For a limited time... Just $2.99/month Sign up & Apply Today!

  • Pricing | Transcendence Media

    Create an Account Today! ...Got Space? Get Virtual. SF? ...Click each line item to Learn More ! Schematic Floor Plans Per Showcase $49 Add Ons: Create an Account Today! Schedule a 15-Min Chat Create an account and use our Pricing Calculator to get an estimate on a space you'd like to virtualize into a 3D Walk-Through. Offer Remote 3D Touring Per Showcase Learn to do Effective Presentations 1-hr Training Session=$55 Brands that Showcase with Matterport 3D To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. 31-08 38th Ave 4th Floor, Studio 10 Long Island City, NY 11101 516-362-0890 text before calling! Find us on Instagram Showcases|3D Capture Pros TM Holdings 3D Virtual Tours About Covid-19 Solutions Pricing 3D Gallery TM-Videography TM-Photography Portfolio More © Transcendence Media 2021

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    Use touch, mouse, or arrow keys to navigate this sample suite in the desired direction: left, right, forward, back.

  • Sign Up for our Free 2021 SlideBook on the Most Effective Online Solution for Realtors

    PLUS... Get a chance to Win a Free NYC Professional Headshot. Join Us Today! And Get Free Member Access to: Our 2021 SlideBook on RE Marketing News & Updates Section Member Discounts on Media Services Free Headshot Session w/1st Purchase Yes, I'd like a chance to win a Free NYC Headshot Session! Terms/Conditions Submit TERMS & CONDITIONS The raffle drawings is for a chance to win a one Free 1-hour Headshot session with a TM professional photographer at a NYC studio location (depending on date/time). Winner is announced the end of each month. Only one entry per person. Realtors who sign up and order a 3D Virtualization Package, automatically qualify for a Free NYC Headshot. Winners will be announced on our website, FB page, and notification will be emailed to winners to schedule a shoot date (NYC locations only). Back