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  • I'm a Citizen | Transcendence Media

    Launch "Finally getting released, being freed, and coming back home... it's simply an undescribable feeling." -Shakoure Pascal Charpentier FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12th, 2021. U.S. citizen, Shakoure P. Charpentier, was released from Bergen County Jail after 7-months of ICE detention spurred by the agency's unwritten but disturbing policy to deport as many people of color as possible, including African-American citizens who have been raised, rooted, and productively established in this country for decades.

  • Creative Writing & Media Support

    Consultations One-ON-One Creative Writing Need help on your media projects, assignments or startup needs? ​ Get 1-on-1 Tutoring or Consultation with TM Startup Founder: Shakoure Char creative writer <> media producer <> video editor <> screenwriter <> youth mentor <> brand designer <> media entrepreneur work | testimonials | clients "A lot of good work here; authentic, credible. Elements of each character are present which the audience can identify." - David Feldshuh, Prof of Theatre/Film Cornell University ​ "Thoroughly impressed with his ability to tell a story compellingly ... find myself reading straight through without a break - a real testament to his talent." - Richard Hoehler, Playwright, Actor - Third Watch "Story ideas are interesting and I encourage you to write. I like your use of words." ​ - Dave Trottier, Script Consultant, Author of The Screenwriter's Bible ​ "Very talented man who is seriously committed to expanding both the depth and range of his skills; I've seen his organizing and writing talents put to practical use." -James O'Barr Artistic Director, SATC "Very strong sense of storytelling ... the characters are gripping and believable." ​ - Paul Baxter, Producer, Director ​ Shakoure showed me new Wix tools to use that will add interest to my website. The lesson was very helpful. He is patient and his explanations are very good. He is most knowledgeable about Wix and answered all of my questions. ​ -Alason Get Your Startup Help Today! Click Here! 516.362.0890 Find us on Facebook & Instagram 31-08 38th Ave 4th Floor, Studio 10 Long Island City, NY 11101 516-362-0890 Find us on Instagram Socialeap | 3D Virtual Tours | Photography | Music | Videography | Commissions Copyright 2019 Transcendence Media LLC All Rights Reserved

  • Socialeap-Talent Sign-Up | Transcendence Media

    1/8 TM your performance socia e a l p Yep...Getting Sponsors Just got a that Easier Socialeap™ is a media coverage platform where performing talent, presenters, and event promoters can both expand their social exposure and find sponsorship opportunities for their upcoming shows. Talent like musicians, DJs, speakers, dancers, and other stage performers can set up their profiles along with info on upcoming performances in the NY/Tri-State area. As a member of our platform , your profile will be visible for corporate brands to browse. Depending on genre, show date, type of event, venue location, and marketing factors, a brand may select your upcoming show(s) for sponsorship. ​ ​ ​ Sponsorships occur when a company selects a performer or presenter's upcoming event for which they'd like to have their brand featured in our live Media-Wall for that event. Not only do performers and presenters get additional social exposure from our live event Media-Wall, but they also get a 40% share of the sponsorship dollars we generate. ​ ​ Sign Up & Get Started Today! Register SOCIAL EXPOSURE BRAND SPONSORSHIP ORGANIC ENGAGEMENT Use Promo Code JUMP2019 for a free 6-Month Pilot! © 2019 All Rights Resevered Transcendence Media

  • TM Social Share-Page

    Looking to lease/book Office or Conference space in NYC... ​ ...but don't have time to visit? ​ ...and wish you could get better visuals than those falt 2D photos? ​ Then we've got the perfect solution. Forget Flat & Static Let us know what office, hotel, or event space you're interested in booking or leasing... ​ ...and we'll offer them the opportunity to virtualize their quarters into a fluid 3D Walk-Through that you can explore remotely from the comfort of your own location. Whether its custom 360 panoramas for your Facebook posts or own website. Or for fully immersive, self-hosted 3D Walk-Throughs to showcase your space...

  • Earn $75 or More | 3D Tour Referrals

    Know a great venue, gallery, or event space that should be explored as a 3D Virtual Tour ? Venue Owners, Agents, and Managers can use their mobile devices to scan the code below. Don't Forget to add the email of the person referring you! For more on what we do...

  • Matterport | New York 3D | Transcendence Media

    Pricing | Portfolio | 516-362-0890 Thanks for signing up! Now here's how we help bring your space to viewers all over the world! Using the world's leading 3D & photogammetry tools, TM can virtualize your space into the most realistic and immersive 3D Walk-Throughs available on the web. Click play to navigate with your arrow keys, mouse, or touch. As Google Trusted Street View professionals, we can also integrate and optimize your space into the world's largest geo-based search engine. Mobile 3D of W People are increasingly searching online, and 2X MORE LIKELY to visit venues with a Virtual Tour. Products | Pricing Back Home People are increasingly searching online to see digitally before visiting physically. And as a recent Google study indicates, people are TWICE AS LIKELY to visit venues with a 3D Walk-Through than those that don't. Take a 3D Walk-Through Office/Event Space Click play to navigate with your arrow keys, mouse, or touch. Want more? ...well TM also offers a variety of web & media assets in its premium package, including: ​ Click-to-Buy Links | Ambient Music | Dimensional Floor Plans | 360 Panoramas | Video Fly-Throughs | HDR Still-Photos | & More! ​ ​ If that's not enough, let's make the 3D experience even more interactive with our Media Tags, including: ​ custom text description | hi-res photos | 360 rotating products | panoramas | video clips | voice over | PDFs Check out some of our Media Tags in this gorgeous 3D Showcase below Touch/Click on the round tags to activate. Haven't signed on yet? Reach out to us for a free/friendly consultation! See More Showcases!! See More of our Showcases! Haven't signed on yet? Reach out to us for a free/friendly consultation! Shakoure@ 516-362-0890 Find us on Facebook Catch us on Instagram ​ Share with Friends Share 360 Sign Up Contact Us 34-01 38th Avenue, 4th Floor/Studio 10 Long Island City, NY 11101 516-362-0890

  • Pricing | Transcendence Media

    Start Today ...Got Space? Get Virtual. New Fatures Offer Remote 3D Touring Learn to do Effective Presentations 1-hr Training Session=$55 Schematic Floor Plans $49 Brands that Showcase with Matterport 3D To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. 31-08 38th Ave 4th Floor, Studio 10 Long Island City, NY 11101 516-362-0890 text before calling! Find us on Instagram Showcases|3D Capture Pros TM Holdings Driversion 3D Virtual Tours IMM PITCH DECK About Covid-19 Solutions Pricing pricing-page 3D Gallery TM-Videography TM-Photography More © Transcendence Media 2021

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