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How Covid-19 is impacting Real Estate...

and one safe solution to serve home buyers

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Don't Suspend your Open House Viewings!

Offer Prospects & Visitors a Remote 3D Presentation.

Many realty firms, like Redfin, are recommending virtual viewings to minimize Covid-19 spread & exposure.

1:00 to 7:10

But Even Better than  Virtual Viewings are Virtual Viewings guided by agents via Live, Remote Presentations.

Answer questions and tell viewers about what they're looking at as you navigate the 3D Tour of your property.

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A Four-Step Solution:

  1. Hire a Matterport Service Provider to do a 3D shoot of a vacant property (Only a single camera operator, equipped with latex gloves, masks, and sanitizers, is required to shoot a space). See HERE to order 3D scans for NYC area.

  2. Register/Install remote video conferencing service like Zoom or TeamViewer on your desktop/laptop.

  3. Use a booking app like Calendly to schedule sessions with attendees who can link to the scheduled "Open House."

  4. Before going live, open the your 3D Walk-Through in a tab on your desktop browser. When ready to present, set the video conference app to screen-share the tab.

  5. As the Tour Guide, take questions and tell viewers about what they're seeing as you "Walk-Through" the property.

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For a free demo session on how this system can work for you, book a 15-minute session below and we'll show you what the workflow looks like first hand. 


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